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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have about Kingfisher Health Club. Feel free to check out our Facebook. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just contact us!

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Joining Kingfisher Health Club

Are there any club rules?2022-12-14T10:57:18+00:00

To help keep the atmosphere and create a respectful environment for all members we politely request that our club rules be observed.

View our club rules here

How much does it cost to join?2022-12-14T11:19:16+00:00

We offer a great selection of membership options to suit all preferences and pockets.
You can join on a long-term basis, saving more money if you choose to pay in advance. Or, keep it casual with a flexible ‘rolling’ membership.

We offer discounts for NHS, Armed Forces and teachers, plus have discounted options for students and juniors.

So whether your focus is on your fitness goals, or your purse strings, we’ve a membership option to fit!

Why is it not working when I try to join online?2022-12-14T10:58:32+00:00

We may already have your email address on our system from a previous visit. Please contact us and we can get you set up as a member. 0161 975 5152 or email

Why is no-one responding to my email enquiry?2022-12-14T10:59:21+00:00

Our team are currently working hard to respond to hundreds of enquiries. Please do bear with us and we will come back to you as soon as possible. If your question is relating to membership prices, you’ll find prices and packages online. Or, you’ll find the club’s telephone number on our website.

Can I use the gym or spa facilities for the day?2023-08-21T18:13:28+00:00

Yes! If you’d like to try out our gym or spa facilities, grab a day pass to test drive the club.
Please call the Customer service team 0161 975 5152 to let them know you are coming. A day pass for the gym is £11, spa is £12.50 and to use both for the day is £17.50.

The Gym

Do I have to book to use the gym?2022-12-14T11:20:26+00:00

There’s no need to book to use the gym floor.


Can I hire towels?2022-12-14T11:20:12+00:00

No, we do not have the option for members to hire towels.

Can children use the pool?2022-12-14T11:01:17+00:00

Yes, swim times are advertised around the Club or you can speak to the reception team.

Children must be supervised at all times as follows:
(i) All children aged 15 and under must be supervised by a parent or guardian, aged 18 or over.
(ii) There must be at least one parent or guardian for every child under the age of 5 years.
(iii) There must be at least one parent or guardian for every two children between the ages of 5 and 8 years.

No child under the age of 16 years is allowed in the pool area unattended.

Junior members, must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent or guardian, unless attending supervised junior activities. Children remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times while on Kingfisher premises and their parent or guardian agrees to ensure that each child adheres to the applicable terms, conditions, rules and regulations. Children may not use the fitness and aerobics studio (except during designated, supervised sessions), steam room or Sauna.

Children over the age of 8 years should use own sex changing rooms.

Changing Facilities

What changing facilities do you have?2023-07-04T15:19:40+00:00

Our member changing rooms include a number of lockers, shower cubicles, toilets and wash basins. Both female and male changing rooms have hairdryers. There are spin dryers for your swimwear, plus plenty of benches. Please bring your own padlock for the lockers or you can borrow or buy one at the club reception.

Personal Training

I have several Personal Training sessions left, can I get a refund if I haven’t used them yet?2022-12-14T11:02:29+00:00

Please discuss this with your personal trainer.

Can I extend the expiry date of my Personal Training sessions?2022-12-14T11:02:46+00:00

Please discuss this with your personal trainer.

Fitsense App – Setting Up

How can I download the Fitsense app?2022-12-14T11:03:08+00:00

The app is available as a free download in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Just search for Fitsense.
Please ensure that you update regularly.

How do I set my App login?2022-12-14T11:03:26+00:00

When you first register on the app, ensure that you use the same email address that is used on your membership account. Otherwise our systems won’t recognise you as a member.

Can my invitation be sent to me from the club straight away when I’m in?2022-12-14T11:04:51+00:00

Yes, please ask a receptionist to send you the invitation.

Fitsense App – Using the App

How do I use the app to check in?2022-12-14T11:21:15+00:00

When arriving at the club, open the Fitsense app and press checkin. This will create a QR code for you to scan when you enter the club.

How do I book classes?2022-12-14T11:06:13+00:00

Open the app, click on “book”. Select the date and scroll through the classes available. Make sure you select Aerobics studio, spin studio or swim pool depending on where the class is taking place. Select the class and then press continue and confirm. You can also add to your calendar to receive reminders before the class commences.

What do I do if I forget my Password?

If you experience any issues using our app, or receive an error message, speak to one of our receptionist at the Club in the first instance. You can also email us including your full name, and the email address you use to login into Fitsense.

Refer a Friend

I have referred a friend but have some questions2022-12-14T11:21:58+00:00

If you’ve referred a friend online as part of our online referral programme and have some questions please email


What classes do you have?2022-12-14T11:22:46+00:00

We have a timetable packed with the latest workouts, combat, HIIT, step, cardio and cycle classes. We also have Yoga, Pilates, Tai-chi and aqua.

To find out more about Fitness classes, visit our Classes page

Can I bring my own yoga mat?2022-12-14T11:08:12+00:00

Sure if you like. Though please don’t be offended if we ask you to use our products to clean it before class. They’re much more powerful than domestic cleaning products so we like to ensure it’s super safe.

Managing your Membership

How do I freeze my membership?2022-12-14T11:26:06+00:00

You can freeze your membership by reason of illness or injury, suspend his/her membership for one continuous period of at least 1 month and a maximum of 9 months. For non-medical you may freeze the membership for a maximum of 3 months at the clubs discretion. 30 days written notice must be given to the Club and the Club shall have the right to request a doctor’s certificate. A reduced monthly fee will be charged by the Club during the suspension of membership. Any suspension during the Commitment Period will extend the length of the Commitment Period by the length of the period your membership is put on hold. Notice to terminate membership cannot run concurrently with a suspension period.

Still got a question about freezing your membership? Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

I’ve been emailing reception to freeze and had no reply!2022-12-14T11:25:52+00:00

If you’ve already emailed us to freeze your membership, please rest assured that we have your request and will process it. Freezes must be requested before the 20th of the month to be processed in time for the month ahead. You’ll receive a confirmation once it’s complete, so no need to send further emails.

Still got a question about freezing your membership? Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

Cancelling your Membership

Can I cancel my membership2022-12-14T11:11:17+00:00

You may terminate your membership in the following circumstances:

(a) You can give notice to terminate at any point during the Commitment Period but this cannot end your membership before the end of the Commitment Period.
(b) You may terminate your membership by giving the Club at least 1 full calendar month’s notice, so that your membership will terminate at the end of the following calendar month after notice was given.
(c) Cancelling your direct debit instruction for the payment of fees is not sufficient.
(d) You may terminate this agreement on 1 calendar month’s notice if you are unable to use the Club through serious illness or injury likely to preclude you from using the Club for a period of least 6 calendar months. (We will request reasonable evidence of your illness or injury – e.g. a doctor’s certificate). Members may also cancel with proof of change of address (at clubs discretion for distance) and proof of redundancy.

If you’ve paid in advance, you can cancel your membership in line with the terms and conditions of your membership. Once you have fulfilled your initial commitment period, 30 days paid notice must be given.
As you have paid in advance for your membership term, it will end automatically on the end date. We will contact you in the month before your end date to discuss your renewal options.

Can someone else cancel for me?2022-12-14T11:11:51+00:00

Unfortunately not. We can only accept a cancellation request from the named membership holder. We cannot accept a cancellation request on behalf of another member.

I’ve tried to cancel my membership but could not get through to the Club, what do I do now?2022-12-14T11:12:11+00:00

Don’t worry, we’ve received your request and your subscription will be stopped in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement.

I’ve lost my job or had to close my own business and cannot afford to carry on with my membership, can I cancel with no further payment?2022-12-14T11:12:48+00:00

We understand that circumstances change quickly. So please contact us to discuss your membership payments. If you need an extension whilst you get back on your feet, we’ll do our best to help.

I’ve been emailing Member Services and had no reply!2023-06-16T11:35:49+00:00

If you’ve already emailed us to cancel your membership, please rest assured that we have your request and will process it. You’ll receive a confirmation once it’s complete. No need to send further emails – it just slows us down.

We’ve answered most of our common queries in the FAQs, but if you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

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